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Thanks for visiting our website. We are a vibrant organization with a combined experience of over 15 years in the field of Event Management. We primarily manage all types of events   may it be corporate events, weddings, sports events, destination events, spiritual events or public events.

We plan and manage the bespoke events specially crafted for you. We not only have the professional managers to execute the events, but also have designers and creative people to design the concepts for each and every event that we handle.

We manage every event with utmost care and personalization. We are best known for Entertainment solutions and International or destination events.  We can help you save on the total event cost as we know the best practices of the industry and make sure that the money you spend is totally worth it!

We are the experts in handling all age groups and people at any part of the globe with same care to make them feel at home.  We provide the best detailing ever possible and maintain the transparency to make sure we over exceed our clients expectations as always.

Our Visions
  •  Our vision and philosophy is to be the most cost effective yet total solution providers for the clients for bespoke events
  •  To create the experience that the guest and the client never forgets and make it a worth while attending.

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Our Story

Started off by managing Exhibitions (Garment Technology Expo at NSIC, New Delhi) for three years followed by corporate events, fashion events, media events and landed into managing personal events of the clients we made by far.

Amex event

The clients remained the same, but we penetrated into weddings by winning their trust and belief in us. It was an easy passage in weddings and other special events as our bonding with our clients was great since beginning. By the time we realized, we did the first of all kind religious event at a huge scale internationally.  

Making us the leading destination event company, we are obliged that we always got appreciation from all our clients and support of our vendors and artist.

Meet the Team

We have designers, client servicing agents, production specialist, artist and vendors with whom we have deep rooted relations and they are part of everything we do just like an extended family. We believe that its always a vision to follow and team work that takes you to achieve that vision. 

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       Ms Raina ( Founder)



Events are our lifeline!


Some of our Events ( A Glance)

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